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Canva Sketch tool

We also unveiled a magical new way to see your ideas take shape in Canva. The new Draw tool lets you sketch up your ideas with freehand drawing, underlines or annotations. For example, a simple hand-sketched shape, like a circle, will be transformed into a perfectly polished circle by Shape Assist. It’s now incredibly easy to turn fast thoughts into cohesive flowcharts, mind maps and more.

Canva Design Tool

We announced some pretty magical upgrades to our Visual Suite – and we’re particularly excited about the game-changing time-saver Magic Design. The ultimate co-designer, Magic Design gives you a head start by instantly curating a shortlist of multiple, already-refined templates that you can preview before you start designing.

Canva Animation tool

Meanwhile over in Canva Video, we unveiled Create an Animation, where you can bring your story to life with custom animation paths. Whether you want your elements to zig-zag or rotate across the screen, speed up or slow down, simply drag them across the screen to record the path you want your animation to follow. Picture making an element like a bee come alive – you could make it land slowly on a flower, then buzz quickly away in one impressive but effortless move.

What is Canva for Education?

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Found in the MCS App Portal for Teachers and Students, Canva EDU is a web-based design tool that works on all devices including the student Chromebook laptops!

Create and personalize lesson plans, infographics, posters, video, and more. 100% free for teachers and students at Modesto City Schools. Creativity, communication, and collaboration are all important tools for learning.

ISTE Standards

ISTE Standard: 2.1 Learner - Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning.

ISTE Standards for Students | ISTE Standards for Educators

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Canva EDU is located in the MCS App Portal for Teachers

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