Early Childhood Education

Modesto City Schools offers a variety of fully-subsidized (free) and partially-subsidized (sliding fee scale) Early Childhood Education program options to over 1,400 students up to the age of 12. Each program provides an outstanding educational experience which can foster a young child's intellectual, social, and emotional growth to prepare for a successful education.

Students take part in intentionally planned indoor and outdoor learning activities during their school day. Developmentally informed instruction focuses on school readiness and success, based on the age of the student. Preschool students are introduced to the concepts of words and numbers, and are encouraged to express their feelings, develop self-confidence and get along with others. Each program option also provides parent involvement and education opportunities, as well as components on child health, nutrition, and social services.

Heidi Nunes
Senior Director, Early Childhood Education
(209) 574-1625

Pre-K Early Childhood Education

MoChiMu ECE Night # 1

Early Childhood Education (ECE) hosted our first MCS ECE night at the newly opened Modesto Children’s Museum. Students from selected Head Start, State Preschool, Highly Structured Preschool, and Family Childcare Providers were able to explore the Children's Museum with their families at this special event.

Everyone had a wonderful time and there were lots of smiles and giggles. Families were grateful for the opportunity to share in this educational and fun experience with their littlest learner(s).

Thank you to everyone involved in making these ECE Nights happen. Our next ECE night at Modest Children Museum is January 31, 2024. We hope to see you and your youngsters there!

DRDP Parent Survey/DRDP Cuestionario de Padres

School Year Calendar

Parent Handbook

Family Child Care Homes
Sixteen (16) Family Child Care Homes provide child development services to infants, toddlers and preschool-age children.

  • Six (6) Licensed Family Child Care Homes in the Modesto area provide Early Head Start/ Child Care Partnership for children aged 2 months through 3 years for qualifying families.

To apply for any of the Early Childhood Education options, please call:
(209) 574-1651 

Delegate Party Policy Committee (DPPC)

Modesto City Schools Head Start Program is a Delegate under the Grantee, Stanislaus County Office of Education. Representatives from each of the schools are selected to make up the Delegate Parent Policy Committee.

The DPPC meets once a month during the school year for approximately 1.5 hours

DPPC is responsible for very important decisions that affect the operation of the Head Start Program, such as:

  • How to spend Head Start budget money.

  • Interviewing prospective Head Start staff.

  • Determining the quality of programs in Head Start.

How can I get involved?

As a parent of a Head Start student, you can:

  • Volunteer to help in the classroom.

  • Attend the monthly parent meeting at your center.

  • Continue your involvement in DPPC.

  • Represent Modesto City Schools at the county level.