What is Kami?

Kami is a collaborative annotation app for PDFs and other document types for schools, businesses, and consumers. Improve engagement and interaction in the classroom and eliminate printing and copying by using Kami as your digital pen and paper or as your digital whiteboard.

We have had Kami as a district for some time. However, recently we have a new integration! The integration has already been implemented and you can begin using it right now!

What's new?

Curriculum Mode

Are you tired of students deleting your Kami annotations and claiming "they didn't see the directions"? Want to ensure your assignments in Kami are a little more fool-proof? Kami has a new mode called Curriculum Mode designed to help with just that! Check out the video below to learn more.

Schoology Integration

Kami has a new way to integrate with Schoology! Check out this quick video for all the details, including the student experience!

image of Kami Language choices

gif of mulit-lingual dicitionary

image of kami voice options

More language options

You can now choose Deutsch (German), Français (French), or Nederlands (Dutch) as your Language setting for a fully translated Kami dashboard, toolbar, and menus.

  • Go to your Settings

  • Scroll down to Language

  • Choose a language

Multilingual Dictionary

Access Kami’s multilingual Dictionary tool and choose between English (US), English (UK), and Español (Spanish) to boost your students’ language learning.

  • Head to the Dictionary tool

  • Select a word and click the dropdown

  • Choose your preferred language

  • Click the speaker icon to enable Read Aloud

Voice Typing: More language options​

You can now use Voice Typing in Indonesian, Malay, Sinhalese, Vietnamese, Tamil, and over 30 more languages! Change your Voice Typing Language settings into a Text Box or Text Comment for more accurate transcriptions.

  • Go to your Settings

  • Scroll down to Voice Typing Language

  • Choose a language


Check out some of the awesome Kami Features:

  • Annotation Bank

  • Split and Merge

  • Assessment Mode

  • Drawing

  • Voice Comment

  • Video Comment

  • Equation Editor

  • Feature Control

diagram of kami features

Want to learn more? Check out this video that explains all the Kami tools!

Assessment Mode

Quizizz Lessons

What is Assessment Mode in Kami? Assessment Mode is a new feature that allows teachers to create new assignments as an assessment. With this mode, teachers gain more control over the work they assign to students — super useful for summative assessments or similar activities!

  • In Assessment Mode, you’ll be able to:

    • Enable the Due Date feature with a countdown timer.

    • Automatically receive all of the students' work when the due date is reached.

    • Have full access to files once the student has submitted their work.

    • Return graded work to the students using Kami's built-in Return button.

    • Return graded work to all students using the Return All button.

  • Is Assessment Mode available for all users?

    • Assessment Mode is currently available for all and Schoology LTI users. Click here to learn more!

      Click on any one of the Quizizz Lessons featured below to learn more about them as well!


Additional Features and Resources:

  • How to use Kami's Drawing Tool: Click Here!

  • How to use Kami's Read Aloud tool for added accessibility: Click Here!

  • How to prepare Scanned Documents with Text Recognition: Click Here!

  • How to Export A File from Kami: Click Here!

For all of the above and much more, please check out Kami's Tools & Features page!