Student Drone Drivers License

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MCS Drone Drivers License for Students

Educational Use of Drones for Students follows the FAA Guidelines for Recreational Use. Complete these steps before you fly your Drone.

Step 1

  1. Complete the online TRUST self-paced course and exam. This exam is free and 100% correctable with 23 questions that takes 15-30minutes and covers Drone Requirements, Preparation, Safety, and Limitations.

  2. Register with your District Email Address and complete the TRUST at

  3. Upload your TRUST certificate to this MCS Online Form:

Important Note: Your account will be deleted per FAA requirements; so, make sure you save your certificate immediately after completing the course to upload to the form in the link above.

Step 2

Do not operate your drone in a dangerous manner

Step 3

Follow all guidelines and rules from your Teacher with flying Drones at your School Site

Do not fly Drones without your Teacher being with you

Do not fly Drones indoors

Step 4

Review and follow these MCS Drone Board Policies

Review and follow these MCS Drone Board Policies:

The following restrictions apply to the time, place, and manner of Drones in Modesto City Schools and your School Site. Violations of any restrictions listed below may result in revoking of Drone flight approval and future use:

  • Only with persons with appropriate certification and approval may fly the Drone.

  • Drone may only be flown during daylight hours.

  • Operator must be within visual line of sight of Drone and in control at all times.

  • Drone may not be flown over outdoor athletic facilities or stadiums when people are present.

  • Drone may not be flown over people

  • Drone may not be flown within 100 feet of buildings. Drone may not be flown within 150 feet of persons or animals.

  • Drone may not be flown in adverse weather conditions such as in high winds or reduced visibility.

  • Maximum altitude of 400 feet. Institutional airspace includes that portion of the air space between the surface of the ground and 300 feet above the ground or above a building or structure erected on the property.

  • Drone must stay well away from manned aircraft, especially low-flying helicopters.

  • Drone may not be flown in a manner which interferes with ground vehicles or traffic.

  • Drone may not be flown inside buildings.

  • Drone may not be used to monitor or record sensitive institutional or personal information which may be found, for example, on an individual’s workspaces, on computer, or other electronic displays.

  • Drone may not be flown over Early Childhood Education center facilities.

  • Do not conduct surveillance or photograph persons in areas where there is an expectation of privacy without the individual’s permission.

  • Drone may not be used to monitor or record areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy in accordance with accepted social norms. These areas include but are not limited to restrooms, locker rooms, changing or dressing rooms, and health treatment rooms.

These rules are from the Modesto City Schools Administrative Regulation Policy on Drones: From AR 3515.21

Step 5

MCS Drone Drivers License Agreement to Sign

Sign this agreement on this online form:


FAA Drone Regulations permits Teachers and Students to fly drones for educational purposes. This is Section 350 of the 14 CFR Part 107, Small UAS Rule & P.L. 115-254 Regulations.