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Purpose: Educators have many choices when it comes to digital learning resources, however, with choices comes the responsibility to our students. We must be sure resources are curricula aligned, age-appropriate, and compliant with student privacy laws.

Tech Orders Software reviews may take up to 30 days for approval. Most requests are approved within 5 to 10 days but may take up to 30 days for a vendor to complete a legal student data privacy contract if students will be using the software.

List of Approved Apps at Modesto City Schools

On the Student Tech Help Center Website, we have our list of approved applications

Approved App List Webpage

NEW: We now have a Drone Drivers License Program and Drone Buying Guide. All drone purchases through TechOrders will need certification of the Drone Drivers License Program before they can be purchased.

Submit a Tech Order

  1. On the MCS Help Desk Portal, click on Service Catalog on the left side navigation menu

  2. Choose Technology Orders from the services listed

  3. Complete the online form for Technology Orders

  4. You will be able to track your status on the home page of the MCS Help Desk Portal, under the My Tickets section

Software Tech Orders

Software Tech Orders would include:

  • Software, Applications, and Web-Based Applications

  • Chrome Extensions/ Google Workplace Add-ons

  • Subscription-based applications

  • Specialty Applications

  • Renewals of Applications

What we review for approval:

  • Review if we currently have an approved application or a District licensed application that would be suggested as an alternative to the requested tech order submitted

  • If students are using the application, we will review the student data privacy policy to ensure it follows California State Law AB 1584 and Federal Laws including, but not limited to, COPPA and FERPA

Student Data Privacy Policy can be found on the application website or requested by email to the vendor

  • If the application for review passes the student data privacy policy and there is no suggested alternative, then we will:

    • Send it for review by CIPD or the appropriate department to ensure it complements the adopted curriculum, if applicable

    • If the request is for a school site license for all teachers at the site, then we will negotiate on behalf of the school site for the license to assist with reducing costs for the school site

  • If Approved: we will notify the requester of our decision for purchase, approval of the installation, and/or allow use.

  • If Not Approved: we will notify the requester of our decision. We will suggest an alternative or ask the requester to recommend another alternative. If asked for an alternative, please reflect on your learning goals and standards you are trying to align with the tool to assist with selecting the appropriate technology tool.

Student Data Privacy

We will review the policies of any applications submitted for Tech Orders to ensure they are in compliance with State and Federal Laws with Student Data Privacy. We will not approve any applications that share or sell student data or the policy does not comply with Student Data Privacy Laws. Vendor Student Data Privacy can be found on their website or requested by email to the vendor.

Vendors may receive badges from third-party evaluators on their policies to have showcasing compliance with Student Data Privacy:

student privacy logos

Educators can learn more about Student Data Privacy to protect themselves and their students while choosing technology tools in the classroom

Student Data Privacy Discussion

Ask Before You App