Say Something Anonymous Reporting System

Say Something Anonymous Reporting System

Say Something is a youth violence prevention program from the national nonprofit organization Sandy Hook Promise (SHP), which provides the program and training at no cost. The system is the only anonymous system and National Crisis Center exclusively serving schools. Critical to its proven success is the Say Something training that teaches youth and adults the warning signs of potential violence and self-harm.

Say Something allows youth and adults to submit secure & anonymous safety concerns to help at-risk individuals BEFORE they hurt themselves or others. 

Please use the Say Something system to report situations of imminent harm or danger.  School administrators and law enforcement will follow up immediately. 

The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System is easy and completely confidential. 

How to Submit a Tip

Here is an example of some of the most common behaviors and incidents to report:

  • Assault

  • Abuse (physical, verbal)

  • Bullying or regular intimidation

  • Bragging about an upcoming planned attack

  • Depression, anxiety or loss of self-control

  • Fighting

  • Gun Violence / Violence

  • Harassment

  • Hopelessness, excessive guilt or worthlessness

  • Reckless behavior

  • Social isolation or withdrawal

  • Substance abuse

  • Suicide threats, cutting or other self-harm

  • Theft

  • Threats

  • Weapons (use of and/or discussion about)

See It. Report it.

How Does It Work?

  • Submit an anonymous tip 24/7 through the website, app or by phone

  • Receive a Report ID and Password if you would like to follow-up on your report

  • Crisis Center reviews, assesses and processes all submissions

  • Crisis Center sends all submissions to law enforcement and/or school administration for intervention

  • If needed, crisis center may contact you anonymously through the app or by case number follow-up

  • Crisis center posts status of submission with case number as case progresses and closes

National Crisis Center

  • Operates 24/7/365 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • Solely responding to messages (aka tips) received by the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System

  • Dedicated team of highly skilled and trained Crisis Counselors

  • Fluent in multiple languages with translation support for over 600 languages

  • Trained in suicide prevention, crisis management, and mental health support

  • Skilled professionals with backgrounds in psychology, social work, and education

  • Directed by a former law enforcement official with 20+ years of experience in anonymous reporting systems

When credible tips are received, the National Crisis Center notifies a team of school-based representatives to act on those tips. In cases of imminent threat, the National Crisis Center contacts local law enforcement for emergency response. This enables school administrators and law enforcement to work together to effectively prevent shootings, suicide, bullying, self-harm, and other forms of violence and victimization.